About us

Established in 1994, Safeline is a specialised charity working to prevent sexual abuse* and to support those affected in their recovery. This includes working with people whose mental health issues (manifesting for example as self-harming) suggest that they may be vulnerable to abuse.

We provide a comprehensive range of services for people affected by sexual abuse, including:

  • Counselling: face-to-face, by telephone and online (funding dependent), as well as creative therapies such as art therapy.
  • National Male Survivors Helpline providing immediate emotional support, information and advice to men and boys affected by sexual abuse or rape in England and Wales.
  • Online support (text and email) providing immediate emotional support, information and advice to anyone affected by sexual abuse or rape in England and Wales.
  • Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) providing emotional and practical support for those individuals who choose to report the abuse to the police.
  • Training for professionals, parents and anyone affected by sexual abuse to help them protect and support their communities
  • Prevention projects, one-to-one support and peer mentoring to keep vulnerable young people safe and enable them to fulfil their potential.

Safeline offers its services to people across Warwickshire of all ages, regardless of gender, sexuality or race, who are survivors of abuse. Family members and friends of abuse survivors can also use Safeline’s services.

Face-to-face services are provided in Coventry and Warwickshire, in rooms which we hire locally as well as from our offices in Warwick and Stratford-upon-Avon. Telephone and online support and training are offered throughout England and Wales.  We have a National Male Survivor Helpline for male survivors and their families in England and Wales.

Apart from the training, services are free of charge although donations are always welcome. Safeline raises funds from central and local government, grant-making trusts and foundations, businesses, and individuals to cover the cost of its services.

We have about 18 full-time equivalent staff and 40 volunteers who are qualified or trainee counsellors.

Our Mission:

To provide specialist, tailored support for anyone affected by or at risk of sexual abuse and rape, that empowers them to make choices about the lives they want and helps prevent abuse.

Our Aims:

  • To support and promote the wellbeing of survivors of sexual abuse and rape.
  • To provide professional therapeutic services to survivors of sexual abuse and rape and anyone else affected, such as their family members.
  • To provide specialist support for those choosing to report their abuse.
  • To provide training around the issue of sexual abuse.
  • To provide prevention programmes and support to children and young people at risk of sexual exploitation to enable them to build new skills, better relationships and self-confidence, making them safer from abuse.

Confidentiality Statement:

Safeline has a strict confidentiality policy where the  information that you give to the staff here will remain confidential within this service. This means that the information you give to us will not be passed on to anyone outside the organisation without your prior knowledge and consent. However, there may be rare occasions when we might have to break confidentiality in the interest of safety – such as immediate risk to life or the welfare of a child – and we always aim to discuss this with you first, but this cannot be guaranteed.

We may keep written records of, and information regarding, users of this service and reasons for this will always be explained to you first. You have the right to see any information that pertains to you. Please feel free to ask if you wish to see your personal records.

We aim to achieve to create a safe and confidential space for all survivors of sexual abuse and rape and are always more than happy to discuss any queries or concerns you may have.

Financial Statement:

As part of our commitment to organisational transparency we are publishing our latest Financial Report for public viewing here on our site. Click on the relevant link below to download the specified document or go to the Charity Commission Safeline entry.

Safeline Financial Statement 2019

Policies and procedures:

If you would like a copy of our policies and procedures please feel free to contact us at office@safeline.org.uk.


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