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“I was so ashamed I didn’t have the words or the confidence in myself…I thought I would be in trouble and that I would hurt my family. I was just a little girl.” – Adult survivor

1.3 million children currently living in England will have been a victim of contact sexual abuse by a close family member by the time they turn 18.

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“My uncle always used to say that ‘Family is the most important thing’ but that didn’t stop him from raping me.”

5 million men, that’s 1 in 6 men, in the UK have been sexually abused or raped in the UK

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“I saw my cousin, the boy who had raped me, at every family gathering, birthday, Christmas.

8 million women, that’s 1 in 4 women, in the UK have been sexually abused or raped in the UK.

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404,000 females and 72,000 males are the victims of a sexual offence each year in England and Wales.  Only 54,000 are reported to the police.

The conviction rate for rape is only 6%

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Safeline exists to protect people from sexual abuse and rape and support those affected by it, help us stop these statistics from growing.

Rape and sexual abuse destroys lives and impacts on children, young people and adults in different ways. The impacts vary over time and have long lasting effects into adulthood. It effects mental, physical and sexual health, behaviours, relationships and family life, emotions and feelings, addiction and educational and professional achievement.

Estimates put the cost of each rape at over £120,000, in emotional and physical impact, the cost to the health service, the cost to the criminal justice service and lost economic output

                      The total cost of sexual violence each year is £25.7bn

404,000 females and 72,000 males are the victims of a sexual offence each year in England and Wales.  Only 54,000 are reported to the police.

Safeline can’t take away what has happened to these men, women and children but we can help them find a way to move past it and lead a happy and fulfilling life. Help us to support.

11% of the population have been sexually abused in childhood

Unfortunately, the average rape and sexual abuse cases involve children of 9 years of age, some are as young as just 1 years old. However, whilst this abuse is happening to these children often don’t know that it is wrong. Some are even told that it is normal and are lead to believe that it happens to all children. Most of them are scared to tell anybody. Help us to prevent.

The conviction rate for rape is only 6%

Rape and sexual abuse is still a taboo subject. However, the more we shut it out of conversation, the more it will continue to be an issue, the more victims will be made to feel ashamed and the more these abusers will be led to believe they can get away with it. Help us raise awareness.

With your donations and support we can:

  • Provide awareness training for young people to keep them safe
  • Provide much needed counselling both online and face-to face to help people recover
  • Continue to run our telephone helplines to be there for victims when they need us the most
  • Campaign to raise awareness not just locally but nationally


Every day, more than 2,000 women are sexually assaulted.

Everyone is affected by sexual abuse and rape in some form. Whether it’s you, a relative, partner or friend.

Help us to prevent, support, and raise awareness so that together we can tackle these statistics. Help us build a community against this abuse. Together we can make a difference.  

Here’s how your money could contribute towards our work:

 One counselling or ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advisor) session for a survivor of abuse or rape £40
 One art or drama therapy session for a survivor £50
 One peer support group session for survivors or their family members £75
 One young person on a Safeline project (8 days) £300
 Running Safeline for one day £970

You can donate a little or a lot but whatever you donate we want to say a huge thank you.

How to donate

Set up a monthly payment

Set up a monthly payment to Safeline. You decide how much you want to give. There’s no contract and you cancel whenever it becomes inconvenient for you to keep donating.

Leave a legacy

Leave a gift in your will to Safeline.  Donating a legacy to Safeline means that you will be helping and supporting sexual abuse survivors for years to come.  If you want to support Safeline in this way, we recommend that you speak to your solicitor about making or changing a will.

Shop with Give as You Live

Shop online via Give as You Live and the retailer will donate a commission to Safeline at no extra cost to you.

> Sign up

> Choose Safeline as your charity

> Install the Give as You Live ‘shopping bar’ or app

> You can then use this app when shopping online with the likes of Amazon, Tesco or Marks and Spencer

Send a text

You can donate £10 to Safeline by texting ‘SAFELINE’  to 70490.

To donate a different amount text ‘SAFELINE  £XX‘ to 70490 with your chosen amount instead of XX.

All the money you donate goes to Safeline, and your network provider does not charge you for the text.

Send us a good old fashioned cheque!

If you would like to send a cheque this can be made payable to Safeline and sent via post to:

6a New Street
CV34 4RX

If you are a UK taxpayer, please print out and complete the Gift Aid declaration form below and send it with your cheque. This enables Safeline to reclaim the tax you have already paid on your donation, increasing its value to us by 25% at no extra cost to you.

Gift Aid Declaration

Corporate donations

Do you work for or know a company who sponsor chosen charities? They may be able to support a specific Safeline project, make a donation in kind, or match whatever you raise for us – you may even be able to persuade your company to hold a charity day.

To discuss this please contact us on 01926 402 498 or email:

Need support? Contact us today »