Have you been affected by the recent television programme on Channel 4 about Intra Familial Child Sexual Abuse ?

The  Children’s Commissioner Report ‘Protecting children from Harm‘, defines Intra-Familial child sexual abuse as:

Child sexual abuse perpetrated or facilitated in or out of the home, the family network, against a child under the age of 18, by a family member, or someone otherwise linked to the family context or environment, whether or not they are a family member. Within this definition, perpetrators may be close to the victim (e.g. father, uncle, stepfather), or less familiar (e.g. family friend, baby sitter)’.

If  you are a survivor of child sexual abuse,  no matter how long ago, and would like some support:

National (England & Wales) Helpline for men and boys: 0808 800 500

Face to Face Counselling for people in Coventry & Warwickshire

National (England and Wales) Telephone and Online (Video, Instant Messaging and Email counselling for adults 

Services for Children and Young People

Self Help Resources


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