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‘Writing  Yourselves’  Women’s Group

Just as art therapy and music therapy groups have been found to be effective, writing about your experience in a safe and supported group has many benefits. Perhaps you are someone who has kept a personal journal? For some people it is very natural to write down their thoughts and feelings and for some it’s easier than speaking to others about them.

Safeline is starting a writing group which is open to female survivors and we would love to hear from you if you are interested in joining.


The writing you would do in the group is private and for your eyes only. You would always be able to choose whether to take part in the group or not, and in the writing activities or not. There will be research as part of the project which we will invite you to be involved in but we will always maintain your privacy; interviews and focus groups would be recorded anonymously, so that you couldn’t be identified. All parts of the project would be with your consent.

Write, reflect, and reconnect in a writing group

This group of about 6 – 12 people will meet for two hours every Wednesday at 5.30pm for 10 weeks at Safeline, starting on 13th April 2016. The group will be led by Safeline staff, trained and experienced therapists, with added experience of working with groups. You might have heard of art therapy and music therapy; writing therapy works in a similar way, using your imagination and creativity.

This kind of group is confidential and members are asked not to talk about what goes on in the group outside of the group. The facilitators will suggest structured writing activities, designed from years of experience. They will invite you and others in the group to write down what it is, perhaps, more difficult to say. It is you who chooses, however, what to write and how to write it. Nobody else will see your writing or judge it in any way unless you choose to share it.

The facilitators have previously been involved in a pilot writing group as participants so if you would like an informal chat they would be happy to explain how the group will work and allay any concerns you may have about joining the group.

Contact Shirley Smith, Dianne Cockburn or Liz Welsh on 01926 402498 or e-mail

“I feel as if I have learned a new coping skill, I now write for pleasure as well as releasing tension”…… a Writing Group Participant.


Image from  Denise Krebs and used under a creative commons licence.

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