Alternatives To Self Harm

as suggested by people that use or have used self-harm as a coping strategy:


Listen to music – the louder the better


Do some wild dancing to the music


Sing along loudly


Do some cooking


Digging in the garden


Be on the net with your mates


Do a jigsaw – cause you always want to find that one last piece before you leave it.


Use a punchbag


Punch some pillows


Go for a run/walk/trampoline/exercise


Do some scribbling/painting/use clay








Hold and/or throw icecubes


Call a friend


Call a helpline


Hug  a pet


Hug a teddy


Tear up cardboard/newspaper


Do riddles/puzzles


Hide under the duvet


Horse riding


Have a bath or shower with nice smelly bubbles


Watch a good DVD


Read a good book


Play the boxing game on the Wii


Check that you’re not tired, cold or hungry


Build a house of cards


Write down your worries, set them aside to be dealt with another time (maybe with your counsellor)


Play cards on the PC

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