A Corporate Social Responsibility policy with Safeline delivers value. When considering the statistics for sexual abuse and sexual harassment in the work place; over 50% of women alone in the UK have been sexually harassed in the work place; and the background to many of your employees; 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men have been sexually abused or raped – having Safeline as your CSR policy can support your employee welfare in a way that will significantly benefit both individuals and your business.

Sexual abuse and rape affects individuals on an emotional and physical level resulting in absences from work, health and mental illnesses that if left can have detrimental effects on that person both at home and at work.

The Benefits

Safeline Gains:

  • Awareness
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Community Support
  • Coporate Sponsorship

Your Gains:

  • A strong CSR Policy
  • In-House Training Sessions
  • Employee Well-Being Support (and improved working performance)
  • Safeline Branding for Promotional Use
  • Media Packs – Posters, Leaflets and Donation Cards
  • PR – Promoted via Safeline’s Media Channels and Your Own Usage
  • Monthly Featured Supporter Promotion
  • A Dedicated Corporate Support Profile Page on Safeline’s website
  • Social Media Positive Digital Promotions

We are very grateful to all the companies who have supported Safeline, including but not limited to: