Why Get Involved

Safeline exists to prevent sexual abuse and rape and to support those who are affected, including survivors (males and females of all ages) and their families. The abuse may be in the past, recent or current.

Sexual abuse is much more common than is generally known because it is still such a sensitive subject that many people are uncomfortable admitting it has happened to them. By the time survivors are ready to ask for help, sometimes years later, the abuse may have had a devastating impact on many aspects of their life. It can affect emotions, behaviours, relationships, family life, and educational and professional achievement. Survivors of abuse may experience anxiety, flashbacks, depression, eating disorders, addictions, self-harm and suicidal feelings.

Safeline can’t take away what has happened but we can help survivors find a way to move past it and lead an empowered, fulfilling life. And we can give young people (and their parents, teachers, foster carers and others around them) the tools to keep themselves as safe as possible from abuse.

Whether you can give time, skills or money to support our work, we need you.

Help us to prevent abuse and support survivors of abuse. Explore the links below for more information. Together we can make a difference.


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