Education & Prevention Services

Safeline deliver a range of projects, courses and interventions to prevent child abuse both in and out of term time (Primary and Secondary schools). Our early intervention and prevention services are based on evidence and research. We have seen our projects transform the lives of these young people who attend, whether that is through finding friends, increasing their self-esteem and confidence, reconsidering risky behavior or finally feeling comfortable and safe enough to speak openly to someone who understands. Find out what young people had to say about their experiences on our project by visiting the SLYP website.


The Safeline Social and Personal Development Programmes for schools


An exciting and informative 6-8 week programme designed to help young people develop in a positive way whilst ensuring that they are safe from harm.

The course enables young people to improve their communication skills, increase their self-esteem, develop team working and problem-solving capabilities whilst dealing with issues that directly affect them such as bullying, internet safety, child sexual exploitation, positive and negative relationships., drugs and alcohol abuse and gang culture.

Activities include drama, dance, music, creative arts, football, boxing, health and fitness training and tennis. Students work to obtain an ASDAN accredited award.


The Safeline Drama Project


An amazing experience for young people aged 11-16 years conducted over 5 days during school holidays.

Working with our partners within the drama industry who have a wealth of experience students develop their own scripts and produce a play or television advertisement which is performed in front of an audience of family and friends.

The course includes discussions on keeping safe and an introduction to The Playbox Theatre in Warwick.


The Safeline Music Project


A unique opportunity for young people to work with highly experienced musicians and write their own songs which are recorded in a local recording studio. The course takes place over 5 days in school holidays.

Dealing with issues that directly affect young people, the participants develop their own lyrics and together with songwriters their ideas become reality and a new song is created.


Safeline Employability Course


In collaboration with local companies from a variety of different industries, the Safeline Employability Programme is designed to prepare young people for the workplace.

The course aims to help a group of students to discover their next steps after school leading them to a promising and rewarding career.


Safeline Sports and Fitness Course


A 4-day programme dedicated to improving sports and fitness skills whilst ensuring young people stay safe.

Working with partners including Coolsportz and other local providers students will develop their skills in boxing, tennis, football, golf and athletics.


Safeline Safer Relationships Course


We offer a number of specialists one to one safer relationships courses which enable students to deal with issues such as social media, anger management, relationship abuse and online grooming.

These courses teach young people how to recognize Child Sexual Exploitation and protect themselves and others.

Students’ progress to become accredited Peer Mentors and help other young people at risk of abuse.


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