Support For Family & Friends

When someone close to us has been sexually abused, whether it happened a long time ago or more recently, for the affected family it can feel frightening and overwhelming. As people that care deeply about the pain our loved one is going through, we might feel helpless and worried about doing or saying the wrong thing. This can make what is already a tense and difficult time even more complicated. At Safeline we offer a range of support options for ‘affected others,’ whether they are parents of children and young people, partners, siblings, extended family or friends.

Services we offer

Counselling: Coming to counselling gives you a private and confidential space where you can talk to someone you can trust about your reactions, your thoughts, your feelings and your experiences.  ‘Affected others’ who use our counselling services often say that it has helped them to talk to someone outside the situation, that it gives them a fresh perspective on the situation and gives them time to address their own feelings and helps them better support the individual who has been abused.

Protecting children

 We know talking about child sexual exploitation for many parents and carers is a daunting task. “My child is too young to understand it”, “I don’t know how to explain it”, “The topic might frighten my child” and “I don’t know enough about the topic”

Safeline’s parental training interventions and learning resources address these concerns while simultaneously empowering them to act. They provide practical tools, resources, and support for ‘affected others’ so that they increase their knowledge about Child sexual exploitation, can have effective conversations with children about safety, and speak about prevention to others in their community.


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