Our training team deliver tailor made sessions locally and nationally.  Groups of professionals who have used our training services include teachers, educational support staff, youth workers, healthcare professionals, child and adolescent mental health teams, parents, fostering parents the police and other criminal justice system services.

What people have said about our training courses, assemblies and workshops

‘This is the best training I have ever undertaken.  Learnt so much and in such a dynamic way.’ Student Support Services, Secondary School, Safeguarding training and Self-Harm’

‘When I started this training I thought I knew a lot about the subject but what I learnt exceeded my expectations and took me into the many complexities of this field.  I feel much more confident and informed.’ Counsellor, City Centre Therapeutic Centre, Working with Survivors of Abuse’

‘I am so impressed with the quality of this training, with the breadth of knowledge, the passion and dedication that we are making this required learning and developing a joint response plan for certain issues with Safeline. Outstanding.’ Handling First Disclosure, Manager of third sector organisation’

‘This was the first time that any organisation was willing to come to talk to parents about how they can support young people who are struggling with some complex issues. Receptive, creative and willing and what I loved about Safeline was their ‘can do’ attitude. Deputy Head Teacher and 6th Form Head, Secondary School’


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