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I couldn't find the words to tell anyone what my step-father did to me and I thought I'd be trapped in a dark place forever. Coming to Dramatherapy has help me express myself in a different way and I realised that I wasn’t the one who betrayed the family, it was my step father.

I put my life back together and now I’m running my own thriving business with my husband

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Twenty years ago, I was sexually assaulted while out walking my dog. I was so ashamed, told no one and the repercussions led to my divorce. Counselling and support groups helped me feel less alone.

I found the strength to move on from what happened to me. I’m now re-married and we recently brought home a lovely little Yorkshire Terrier.

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After I was raped I was scared that people would think it was my fault for walking home alone that night. The independent advisor at Safeline listened to me with no judgement or pressure.

All the legal stuff was explained to me and with her support I was able to come forward and identify my attacker.

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They say you never forget your first time. As much as I tried, I wasn't likely too. I saw my cousin, the boy who had raped me, at every family gathering, birthday, Christmas. Coming to counselling helped me to get my life back and last year I was finally able to tell my Mum.

We are coming to terms with what happened to me together. Family is a much more of a positive word to me now.

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1 in 4 women are survivors of rape or sexual abuse #8MillionWomen

To protect the privacy of our clients, actors play the survivors role. However, all scripts are genuine and stories are true. Safeline wish to thank the actors taking part in our videos, helping us to raise awareness of rape and sexual abuse.

1 in 4 women are survivors of rape or sexual abuse, that’s 8 million women in the UK.  Safeline have over 20 years’ experience of supporting women while they rebuild their lives.  We work with female survivors of all ages, backgrounds and identities and can also offer support to the family and friends around you who have been affected by what has happened.  No matter who you are or how your life has been impacted by these issues, our services are available for women living in Coventry and Warwickshire.  All our services are free.

Your experience of rape or sexual abuse

People react to traumatic events in all manner of complex ways and you may feel fear, shame, anger, disgust, guilt, numbness, have nightmares or flashbacks.  Whatever your experience, we are here to support you so that you do not have to go through these things alone.  After working with Safeline clients often say that they have healed or moved on from what happened, regained their hope for the future and have reclaimed their life.

What we can offer you

We support women living in Coventry and Warwickshire and our team of specialist staff have a caring and non-judgemental approach and there are a range of ways in which we can support you:

We support women in England & Wales with telephone and online counselling.  Online counselling is provided by video (similar to Skype), instant messaging or email through a secure encrypted platform called VSee.  Online and Telephone Counselling is proven to be just as effective as face-to-face counselling and has many benefits such as being more flexible and accessible from home.

Warwickshire Helpline – Our friendly helpline team are here to provide emotional support, advice and information  on 0808 800 5008.  They can also signpost you to external organisations and tell you more about other Safeline services.

If you use our services we may ask your permission to ask you some questions for research and funding purposes.  It is totally your choice if you choose to answer or not.  We use this data to help improve our service and to help reach as many different women as we can.

Counselling and Creative Therapies – Our counsellors provide a non-judgemental and confidential space where you can work through your experiences.  This service supports Adults, Children and Young People and their family and friends who may have been affected.  You can choose the type of therapy you think will suit you as we have professionally qualified therapists who can offer different types of face-to-face talking therapies and creative therapies such as art therapy if you live in Coventry and Warwickshire.  If you are aged 18 years and over we may also be able to offer you telephone or online counselling if you live in England or Wales.

ISVA and ChISVA Service (Independent Sexual Violence Advisors and Childrens Independent Sexual Violence Advisor)  – Our ISVA team provide independent emotional and practical support and assistance to anyone who has experienced sexual violence and abuse at any time in their lives.  They make sure you have the best possible tailored advice, information, access to services and support that you need and can act as an advocate for you when dealing with other agencies such as the police or an employer.  They can also provide support through the Criminal Justice system if you decide this is the path for you. People who have used our ISVA service say things like ‘I couldn’t believe all they things did to help me’ – find out more on the ISVA page.

Groups – Some people find it helps to be around others who understand and support them.  We offer support groups for survivors, as well as for their family and friends.

We are a charity and we are able to offer our services to you for free because of the way we are funded.  If you want to support the work that we do donate to Safeline now or find out more about fundraising for us.

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