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Posted on 27 Apr in Articles

The Heads Together campaign

Safeline exists to help support individuals who have either suffered sexual abuse or might be at risk of such abuse. In many cases, these issues can leave emotional scars that then lead to mental health issues, so Safeline provides the opportunity to discuss these feelings in a …

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Posted on 10 Apr in Articles

What is an ISVA? And how can they help you?

Safeline’s ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advisor) Team provide invaluable emotional support and guidance for anyone reporting current or historical sexual offences through the Criminal Justice System. The role of an ISVA was created in 2005, and while it is still a role th…

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Posted on 16 Mar in Latest News

How body image is portrayed in the media

The portrayal in the media of female body image has been a point of discussion for some time but research suggests that young men and boys are just as adversely affected by media and advertising images. Media images present an unrealistic picture of body image with super-slim…

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Posted on 2 Mar in Latest News

Social media: progression or harmful?

There is no doubt that social media is a progressive and fundamental tool modern consumers have nurtured into both personal and professional lives, with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat at arm’s reach 24/7 hours of the day. This constant exposure is …

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Posted on 24 Feb in Articles

What can victims of sexual abuse expect in court?

For those who are victims of sexual abuse, undergoing a court case to see their perpetrator brought to justice can seem quite overwhelming. That's why we've put together this blog post to dispel some of the myths and look at some of the truths of what sexual abuse victims can ex…

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Posted on 10 Feb in Articles

What Safeline Can Do To Support Your Business

Safeline is a leading charity for rape and sexual abuse. Our mission is to help support those that have been traumatised by sexual abuse and rape while working to prevent it happening to anyone else. We offer a wide range of support services for men, women, children and peopl…

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Posted on 3 Jan in Articles


It's not often a positive can be drawn from the areas of sexual abuse and rape. However, the bravery of football players who have recently denounced sexual abuse – triggered by former Crewe player Andy Woodward – have the potential to change the lives of many for the better …

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Posted on 17 Oct in Articles

Cooper Solutions Supporting Safeline

Safeline are pleased to announce Cooper Solutions as its latest corporate sponsor. Cooper Solutions are a local charity based in Warwick, providing dealer management solutions and systems for the automotive industry. After meeting with Safeline's CEO, Neil Henderson, Barry Co…

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Posted on 11 Oct in Articles

How to stay safe on nights out at university

Going to university for the first time should be an exciting, memorable experience for you, but it can also be daunting. While it’s easy to get caught up in the fun, eager to impress your new friends and have a fresh start, it’s important that you stay level headed and sa…

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Posted on 24 Jun in Events

Safeline August Summer Project

Enjoy a day of drama and performing arts whilst helping to keep others safe. When: 1st September 2016 9am - 3pm Where: Warwick Tennis Club Who: Ages 11-18 For more information contact: …

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Posted on 19 Feb in Blogs

Changes in Culture and Attitude

Some sentence levels for offences, including sexual offences, have been increasing over the last 20 years. These laws are applied retrospectively so someone found guilty of a historic sexual assault could have two completely different sentences depending on when the crime wa…

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Posted on 18 Feb in Events

Join our new writing group

Would you like to join a writing group? ‘Writing  Yourselves’  Women’s Group Just as art therapy and music therapy groups have been found to be effective, writing about your experience in a safe and supported grou…

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Posted on 28 Dec in Articles

EastEnders - What can Roxy do next?

It was difficult to watch EastEnders tonight.  In the disturbing ending to the episode Dean attacked his girlfriend Roxy - pushing her down on the bed.  In the blog tonight we talk about what Roxy - or someone else who has experienced a rape or sexual assault - could do next…

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Posted on 24 Dec in Blogs

Blame and shame: myths about rape and sexual abuse

Hello again from the Safeline Helpline team, In our last blog I mentioned some of the Anti-Rape Campaigns that I’ve noticed over this festive period.  Many of the posters focus on festive party goers and seem to be putting the blame into the hands of the victim, and even t…

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Posted on 22 Dec in Blogs

Surviving Christmas

As someone who works closely with survivors of rape and sexual abuse I do a lot of research and follow a lot of news stories around the subject. I want to stay as up to date as possible when it comes to how best to support our clients…well really I want to stay ahead so I kno…

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Posted on 20 Oct in Articles

National Men's Abuse Helpline is Launched

The first dedicated national helpline to support male victims of rape and sexual abuse has been launched by a Warwickshire charity today (Tuesday). Until now, there has been no national helpline in England for male survivors of sexual violence even though they exist in Scotla…

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Posted on 12 Oct in Latest News

National Helpline '5 Million Men' Goes Live

Safeline is delighted to announce the launch of ‘5 Million Men’ the first dedicated National Helpline and Online Support service for the 5 million male survivors of rape and sexual abuse in the UK. A team of specially trained advisors will provide help, s…

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Posted on 8 Oct in Partners

Safeline and Berricote Properties join forces

Safeline and Berricote Properties have joined forces to help protect children and young people throughout Warwickshire from sexual exploitation. The three year partnership enables a series of personal and social development programmes for over 300 vulnerable children and young p…

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